Christian view from Olympic Sochi: closing news on February 22 and 23, 2014


William Yoder

Sochi was a Technological Wonder

Long before the Games were over, the Sochi Olympics were called the most technologically advanced ones in history. For example, the medals distributed among guests of the opening ceremony contained detectors reflecting the laser light from the stadium’s dome. They formed beautiful patterns blinking in various colors.

Another technological achievement involved the new safety devices used on Sochi streets. An innovative system controlled not only the location of transport, but also maintained state-of-the-art connections between drivers and their logistics center, transferring audio and video information.

The sports realm also availed itself of the most modern technologies. The organizers of the Olympics for ex. replaced the traditional starting gun with a modern-and-just electronic system.

The security personnel numbering 100,000 were supported by technologically-advanced security equipment. That included not only antiballistic missile defense systems and drones, but also modern 3-D security technologies.

At the «International Christian Information Center», Chris Corday, a Canadian TV producer and editor, reported on the innovated technologies used by the media.

But modern technologies were not the sole fruit of the XXII. Winter Olympics. New records and athletic achievements were also apparent. Canada won the most prestigious ice-hockey medals, but Russia took first place on the list of total medals. The Olympics have impacted greatly the development of sports in Russia. Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dimitry Kozak, noted that the most important spiritual legacy of the Games is to be found in the spreading of Olympic values such as excellence, friendship and mutual respect.

Sochi’s Christian churches contributed to the significant spiritual legacy of the Games. The doors of its «Christian Hospitality Center» were open for guests during all 16 days of events. The live broadcasts of sport events, flash mobs and entertainment were organized by the «Association of Evangelical Christian Church’s» «Good News» congregation headed by Ivan Chekhunov as well as «SOAR International Ministries» in partnership with the Russian «Wave of Hope» movement.

Results of the competitions as well as the most important cultural and religious events were covered by the International Christian Information Center. An international team of 20 volunteers and specialists in TV and radio was able to serve 360 journalists from Europe, the Americas and Russia. This media center supplied 90 media outlets around the world with the latest news.

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